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Radiobaby Play At Thames High With Guitar Students

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Radiobaby returned to high school after nearly two decades on Friday
to give guitar students a chance to enter the world of the performing

Singer and guitarist Odee Rose has been a guitar tutor at Thames
High School this year. On Friday he brought his band Radiobaby to
school and invited his students up on stage to perform the songs they
had been learning.

“Performing to an audience is an important part of learning an
instrument so I’m quite lucky to be able to give that experience to my
students,” said Mr Rose. “When I was at school my music teacher
organised a lunchtime concert and me and my mates played a Doors song
and our teacher played the keyboard. That experience got me hooked on
performing and I wanted to pass that on to my students.”

Radiobaby played outside the senior common room so the students could
sit on the field and near the cafeteria to see what Mr Rose’s
students had been learning all year.

All three members of Radiobaby are former students of Thames High School.


$13,000 raised at Bostie’s Banquet

$13,000 raised! Thank You!


But what are the fans saying?

The following are comments left on our facebook page:

YOU WERE BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t move my head, neck and back since you brought out my headbanging rebel teenager with all your awesome songs! Oh Em Gee! YOU GUYS ABSOLUTELY ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Danine

Best band ever!!!! What a night thanks you were great !!!!! – Sonja

No thank you. It was awesome. Great to see a band that likes to mix up the genre’s. – Dean

Thanks guys for Saturday night, my feet are so damn sore i don’t think I sat down for more than a few minutes!! – Brigette

Quick note to say thanks for rocking my pub the other night! Great band, cool set lists, professional service! I fully recommend this band for any event. – Mike C, Talisman hotel.

Great cover band keep it up – Karl

That was a great night, awesome sounds. – Barbara

Good times. Great rock n roll. – Dave

Awesome evening, Radiobaby is a must see band!! – Peter

Great music to help us all party like rock stars!!! You guys were awesome – Mitch

brilliant night and you kept us on our feet. – John

Great sounds guys. Well impressed. Rock on!!!! : ) – Gene

You guys were AWESOME! – Toni

Hope you plan entering Battle of the Bands. I would say you’ll do well – Lawrie

Thanks for a great night guys – can’t wait to have you back again soon!  – Junction Hotel, Thames

Totally impressed, you sound awesome!! – Margaret

Yet another fabulous night dancing the night away to Radiobaby!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 – Dianne

Any band that attempts the mighty A-HA and the even more mightier The Proclaimers in one setlist i gotta hear 🙂 -Richard

Must. Hear. This. -Julia

Wow! you guys rocked the brew last night! So impressed, can’t wait for the next gig!! xxx 🙂 -Renee

Great night at the Brew last night!!! You guys were awesome!  … one great song after time to take a rest! -Dianne

Awesome to hear you guys practice and cant wait for your debut at THE BREW!! and Tracey keep those cool beats coming! -Lance

You guys were so awesome I was stopped in Sola today to ask if I new who the band was that was playing…. Yeah Radio Baby…. Want to play at our street BBQ???????? -Jennifer

Yeah Baby!! You guys rocked -Jenny Kay

Radiobaby debut this week

Radiobaby debut this week

They came together to play some songs for the Christmas In The Park and hit it off. Over the summer a new Thames band have pooled together a night’s worth of songs and are playing their first public show at Brew in Thames. Radiobaby is a three-piece with Otis (Odee) Williams on guitar, Paul Hinton on bass and Tracey Slaughter on drums.

“I’m very excited about this band” says Odee. “It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. We visit the Grunge scene and do some rock songs from this century but our secret weapon is 80s pop songs. We don’t have a keyboard player so we rock them up.

“I’m talking about songs you find yourself singing and then look around to make sure nobody heard you. When you’re in party mode you just can’t resist having fun with them.”

Odee and Tracey share the singing. “It’s great having a female vocalist in the group. It has instantly opened up the range of songs we can do,” says Odee.

Tracey is an author and lectures at Waikato University and Paul is the glue of the group. “He organises everything and keeps us focused. I think he has a military background or something,” Odee jokes.

Radiobaby play at Brew, Thames on March 23.

Peninsula Press 2012/03/22

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